Short films often come incumbent with an over abundance of style, as if a slender running time was a good excuse to simply throw every camera trick and editing technique in the cinematic handbook, straight at the screen, in the vain hope that something will stick. More often than not, it won’t. So thank goodness there are still storytellers amongst us, a prime example being the talented group behind ‘Mother’s Day.’


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February 5, 2016


Actor/Writer Gabriel Furman discusses his short film "Mother's Day" and how he got Academy Award winner Melissa Leo to star in it.



February 4, 2016

 “My writing came out of acting,” says Gabriel Furman about his short film, Mother’s Day, in which he stars alongside Academy Award winner Melissa Leo. The story about a mother and son together for the last time marks Furman's writing debut. Written during a difficult period in his life, Mother’s Day was inspired by conversations between Furman and his own mother. He was at the Actors Studio, working on the role of Biff Loman in Death of a Salesman, when the idea came to him. Onstage, Furman made a simple choice for Biff: “What if this is the last time I’ll ever see my mother again.” 


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The Actors Studio Production of Guirgis' provocative play centers on the trial of a now-comatose Judas Iscariot (Gabriel Furman). In Purgatory, fiery defense attorney Fabiana Aziza Cunningham (Suzanne DiDonna) faces off against sycophantic prosecutor Yusef El-Fayoumy (Dan Grimaldi) to appeal her client's eternal damnation. While colorful witnesses like Mother Teresa (Bob Adrian), Sigmund Freud (Timothy Doyle), and Satan (Javier Molina) take the stand, Biblical figures pop up in standalone scenes to share their memories of Jesus. Ultimately the biggest questions are left for the audience's consideration: What is faith? What is f...

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“He has a commitment, spark and talent which is rare in my industry these days."

                                                                                                                   -Melissa Leo, Mother's Day

“Furman's performance is superb, and he holds his own opposite Melissa Leo's"

                                                                                          -Chris Watt, Watch This Film Space Magazine

“Thank goodness there are still storytellers amongst us, a prime example being the talented group behind Mother's Day"

                                                                                          -Chris Watt, Watch This Film Space Magazine



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